My daughter was suffering with tons of scoliosis back pain. The pain was so progressive and constant it was limiting her from playing high school soccer. Dr. Rocco and staff worked with our daughter with adjustments, strengthening exercises, and nutritional coaching for a few months. Now our daughter has no back pain, whole body strength with speed, and looks forward to playing her first year of division 1 soccer.
Meg - Colorado Springs, Co
I was referred to springs family chiropractic for my chronic migraines day after day. My migraines would limit me from teaching students in my classes. The doctors completely changed my life by thoroughly examining me, treating a all of my body’s dysfunctions, and relieving stress. After only a month I am completely migraine free allowing me to get off all medications.
Cheryl - Colorado Springs, CO
Dr. Rocco was referred to me to assist me with my carpel tunnel problems which were received from years of computer work. I had already sought out other therapies like pain medication, physical therapy, and even surgery. Dr. Rocco gave me an alternative treatment to surgery with some chiropractic adjustments to my wrists, elbows, shoulders. Now I am pain free with no physical restrictions or numbness in my wrists.
Julie - Colorado Springs, Co